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Bring Your Power
into the world

Do you wish you had the confidence to go outside your comfort zone to do the things you really want to do?

Yaron Benyamini

Life coach and grandmaster (9th Dan) of Chinese martial arts and meditation, Yaron has more than 40 years of experience in training individuals and groups

In 1989, he founded the YaLon College for Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, with international branches in Europe and Africa. 

He has volunteered as a Krav Maga senior instructor while serving as a major in the Israeli Defense Forces and in the rank of superintendent in the special units of the Israeli police force. 

Throughout his career, he has been invited around the globe as a speaker, teacher, trainer, and consultant to share his experience in the martial arts. He is the author of Changing Over: How to Create the Change You Need in Your Life, which was published in 2019

Avi Grinberg

Teacher, practitioner,
and author

Avi is the founder of the Grinberg Method, a somatic methodology that teaches people to shift into the body, relax into fear, and break free of patterns that reduce their quality of life. In his 40 years of experience in the field of body attention, he has worked with tens of thousands of students and clients, and changed the lives of millions through his unique approach to fear and pain.


He is the author of several books, including Becoming Yourself: Body Attention and the Fulfillment of Potential (2021) and Fear, Pain, and Other Friends (1994)

Your Teachers

Do you feel that your power and capabilities are much greater than what you’re usually able to access?
  • Do you know that you have strength inside you, but often shut it down and feel powerless instead of using it or expressing it?

  • Have you tried a lot of  self-development programs and techniques, only to find that you still feel stuck?

  • Are you able to clearly define and explain your problem but still have no ability to actually change it?

  • Do you have difficulty dealing with authority, conflict, or threatening situations?

From the moment you were born you began absorbing everything around you: atmospheres, attitudes, what you were taught and how you were treated by parents, family, teachers, and countless other influences

Maybe you were taught that fear is bad – and then were constantly made to feel afraid. Maybe pain was inflicted on you as a punishment – so you learned that if you failed or did something wrong, you would get hurt. Maybe the fear and pain you felt were so overwhelming that you found ways to shut it out so you wouldn’t feel it.

Disconnecting from fear, pain, and other intense experiences also disconnects you from your feelings and your body, and thus from yourself. You end up separated from your energy, from your power. You live in your thoughts.

In this state,  it’s very hard to access your natural ability to heal yourself or to tap into the intuition and experience that could help you make the best decisions for yourself. 

There are many unwritten rules in life about how you’re supposed to behave, look, think, and even feel

Solar Eclipse

When people recognize that they’re in this divided, powerless state, many try to change things through endless self-improvement classes and techniques. Unfortunately, they’re usually looking in the wrong direction. They ignore the real issue, the central struggle: how to deal with fear.

Using fear to bring your power into the world
What’s the answer?

Movement Into Power

Is a unique master class: the brainchild of Avi Grinberg and Yaron Benyamini, both experts in their chosen fields, with over 40 years’ experience in teaching people how to be strong.


Avi focuses on how to deal with fear, and the problems we face when we avoid it: unwanted patterns, chronic physical symptoms, reduced energy level, disembodiment. He teaches body attention as the key to becoming aware of how we limit ourselves so that we can make ourselves whole again.

Yaron uses the martial arts to connect people to their bodies and their strength through movement, breathing, and relaxation, and shows them how to effectively channel the energy they discover in the process.

Together they have created an exceptional approach to accessing personal power and bringing it out into the world.
In this master class you will learn tools and techniques that will teach you how to:
  • Achieve what you want in less time, with less repetition

  • Raise your level of body attention and thus gain more control

  • Relax and silence your mind

  • Breathe to increase your intensity

  • Relax and achieve stability in confrontation or a tense situation

  • Elevate your energy and vitality through your body 

  • Transform fear into power

  • Use what you have learned in everyday life

  • Be able to center yourself and feel more grounded, relaxed, and confident

  • Be more decisive and less dependent on other people’s opinions and perceptions

  • Act out of your desire and not from your fears

  • Have the confidence to go outside your comfort zone to do the things you really want to do: start a relationship or stop one, leave your job and start something new…

  • Use fear as power in conflicts or other challenging situations: stretch your limits, be creative, think wide, have more options…

  • Stop holding yourself back and being small and start putting your energy into the world to get  what you want

As a result you will:

The master class will take place on 
November 23rd through 27th, 2023
in Spain (Hotel La Font d’Alcala)

It spans 5 full days, from 9 am to 8 pm, with 2 coffee breaks and a 2-hour lunch break to give you time to rest and refresh.
The teaching will be conducted in English to make it accessible to people from all over the world.

Image by Ivana Cajina

La Font D’Alcala

Nestled in the secluded mountains of Spain’s Marina Alta, La Font D'Alcala is a charming rural hotel offering spacious rooms with relaxing views of the surrounding nature and the tranquil village of Alcalá de la Jovada. Its excellent restaurant serves traditional Spanish cuisine made with organic products.









Fourth session

Coffee break

Third session

Lunch break

Second session

Coffee break

First session


Structure of study day:

  • Connecting to your core, to the real you – learning body attention 

  • Fear energy – how we block it, how to unblock it, and how to use it in daily life – learning to stay calm in frightening situations 

  • How to be confident, grounded, and use your survival energy in real-life situations 

  • Learning to relax into fear – guided experience, movement exercises focused on moving energy upwards

5 full days of learning 

Every subject will be taught through a short lecture, demonstration, and practice (in pairs, alone, and in a group)

Daily Subjects

I have had the incredible opportunity to learn from both Avi Grinberg and Yaron Benyamini. Both teachers are one-of-a-kind. The combination of the two of them is like a "fast forward" for me to reach the highest state of my energy: being totally free inside, while giving my full attention outside. Avi teaches the most direct and pragmatic approach to your energies in the body. Yaron on the other hand creates a very deep, more subtle connection to the same power through martial arts. Through Avi you build the most stable foundation of "yourself," and with Yaron you find the most direct access to it. This master class is the first appearance of both teachers together. I will attend it to take another unpredictable step for myself with both of them!


I am a Grinberg Method teacher, and also passionate about martial arts, especially Tai Chi. The combination of the Grinberg Method and martial arts practice has restored my self-confidence, pleasure, and joy. It also changed my way of training : instead of always training hard, with repetitive movement, I now practice with pleasure, curiosity, and amusement.


Another change is my experience of Qi. I discovered I could feel Qi, not in my imagination, but in the reality of my whole body. I had to be mindful, disciplined, open, and curious. When I let fear flow through my body, I discovered that everything was already there. My Qi was there and I could feel it, direct it, and use it.

Gean Franco

I've been searching for a long time for a way to live a better life : more authentic, more vivid, with less friction and without the need to constantly "manage" my internal world. I found many methods which were mainly focusing on how to manipulate the mind – methods which left my body out of sync. The body felt differently than what the mind was instructing. That was agonizing.


Yaron Benyamini and Avi Grinberg, each in his own unique way, taught and tutored me on how to synchronize body and mind. This synchronization is priceless: it brings inner peace, serenity, power, and self-fulfillement. The combination of Yaron and Avi is like yin and yang: their methods complement each other perfectly, allowing me to achieve a higher and deeper state of being. In my opinion, this master class should be mandatory for all human beings.


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